Adorable Baby Eats Watermelon From Fridge


Adorable Baby Eats Watermelon From Fridge

Little ten-month-old Aryo loves fruit, especially watermelon as evident by the latest video posted by his mom on Instagram. The crafty toddler climbs right into the fridge, sees that huge watermelon and just goes for it. He’s so focussed on getting his mouth on the delicious fruit that he doesn’t even seem to notice his mom video taping him.

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He seems pretty agile, and figures out that he can stabilize the watermelon with his hand while he tries to get a good bite of it. Unfortunately his lack of teeth seems to be problematic at him getting the big chunk he really wants!

The adorable video has been featured on numerous websites and has over 159,000 views and amassed almost 2,600 comments on the @aryomz Instagram account, which has amassed just shy of 26,000 followers.

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