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M. is a blogger who has appeared on Huff Post, Good Morning America, and Australia’s morning show, Sunrise. She has built a blogging empire valued at 0.0 dollars, yet, oddly, has a personal assistant who writes her bios. Hmmm. You might know her from The Default Parent or Open Letter to My Kids About Summer. If not, visit her website M.Blazoned and start reading! She’s obsessed with the meaning of life and SNL and writes mainly humorous looks at marriage, middle-aged nonsense, being female, and yes, parenting. She doesn't identify as a "mommy" blogger because she's like this complicated, interesting, multi-layered person and thinks it’s stupid to reduce her to one facet. That said, she'd love for you to read her blogs, even the "mommy" ones , and like and share them so she can value herself in society accordingly. Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, she’s a little needy. ~Sincerely, M.'s Very Real Personal Assistant in Charge of Bio Writing

End of School Madness Is Upon Us

Did I say September was the worst? I might have to retract that and put May in the top spot….

Mom’s Hysterical Letter To Her Kids About Summer Has Parents Everywhere Laughing

Mommy blogger M.Blazoned wrote a hysterical open letter to her kids before summer started and boy can we relate! There’s no…