Mom Films Man Attacking Her For Breastfeeding


“Because I’m feeding my baby, this man is going crazy and I’m shaking.”

While shopping at a Target in Torrington Connecticut recently, a mom sat down to breastfeed her one-month-old infant because when a baby’s gotta eat, a baby’s gotta eat. Jessie Maher posted a video on Facebook that shows an older man looking very angry, pacing around rambling on to anyone who would listen to his complaints, and she says it was because she was breastfeeding in the open. As she sat in the Target cafe breastfeeding her one-month-old daughter, Zinnia, he addressed her directly saying, “Can’t you do that somewhere else? That’s fucking disgusting. You are nasty.”

After the initial confrontation, Maher decided to take out her phone and start videotaping the incident. It is hard to watch. Maher’s voice cracks and she says that she’s shaking, but it is also a powerful reminder that there are those out there that believe in what is right and will rush in to protect those that are unable to do so themselves. In this instance it’s a defenseless mom, sitting alone, feeding her infant.

The woman in the green shirt is our hero. She rushes in saying she wants to see if Maher is ok, then stands between the man and Maher, reassuring her what she’s doing is okay. She comments, “This is a beautiful moment right now. If he doesn’t like it, he can go.”

There is another woman who’s voice can be heard in the background asking Maher, “Do you have a blanket or something?” to which Maher responds defiantly, although clearly shaken, “I’m not covering myself up because of him.”

Then the red shirts rush in. Target employees can be seen intervening, standing between the confrontational man and Maher as she feeds Zinnia. Target does have a policy that states a woman can breastfeed anywhere in their stores. Allowing it is one thing, rushing in and standing up to make sure a woman is safe takes it to another level. Maher thanks these heroes for coming to her rescue in a follow up Facebook post saying, “Id love to extend my a big thank you to Sarah Pasquariello-Pera, John Smith and the Target staff that came to my defense yesterday. You were all amazing in coming to my aid as I defenselessly sat and fed my newborn daughter.”

“I choose to openly breastfeed my child when ever and where ever she happens to be hungry. I choose not to cover up because I am not ashamed of what my breasts are intended for. I stand with all mamas breastfeeding, bottle feeding, covered or not. It is hard enough being a mother, period. We need to build new mothers up not tear them down. After all they are raising the next generation of people in this country. Let’s be kind, let’s be gentle. Let’s teach mamas future mamas that they have rights when it comes to breastfeeding! Let’s normalize breastfeeding, because that is exactly what it is, normal, nothing more nothing less.”

Amen to that! The video has been viewed over 5 million times in only two days. Share it now to help #normalizebreastfeeding!


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