New Breastfeeding Anthem, ‘All About That Breast’


Lori Burke performs “All About That Breast” and sends this one out to all of the new moms who may be nervous about breastfeeding.

Meghan Trainor probably wasn’t expecting her song “All About That Bass” to be turned into a breastfeeding theme song, but that’s just what Lori Burke did with her own version of “All About That Breast”.

Of the possible backlash over the “no bottle” refrain, Burke told the Erie Reader:

“I have two children 6 and 8 years old. I breastfed both but also bottle fed, pumped, used formula — I did it all. So I’m not trying to isolate moms who choose not to. I support all mothers and know that we all have to do what is best for our children and ourselves. Breast feeding is very stressful as a new mom. But it is the healthiest and least expensive way to feed your newborn, not to mention the bonding, immunities, and good things you pass on to your infant.”

She’s “bringing boobies back!”

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