How To Start A New Career During Nap Time


Starting A Career During Nap Time

Raising a family is hard work. As a stay-at-home mom, making the most of your flexible hours and free time is even harder! Learning to manage your time and flexibility can lead to ways to earn extra money while your kids sleep. We’re gathered a few tips to use when kickstarting your flexible career during nap time.

start a career during naptime

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Search Flexible Hours

Finding hours in your day to fit everything is basically impossible, but you always manage to do it – we know, you’re supermom.  A job which offers flexible hours can allow you to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and a bit of sanity! Additionally, this type of position allows you to take things step by step. Find a schedule that works for you. Perhaps you get up early, send a few emails, find your zen during nap time, and again after everyone has gone to bed!

start a career during naptime

via Alice’s Table

Connect with A Community

Juggling a family and taking on a new career can become overwhelming. Find a flexible career that provides you with the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded women can help ease any nerves. Companies like Alice’s Table offer a vibrant group of women looking to engage, learn, and grow with each other.

You can also find countless flexible opportunities in private Facebook groups. Remember a flexible career gives you the opportunity to slow down or pull back and focus on your family and personal needs when you need to! Use these groups and support to find how others are balancing their life.

Be Organized

Being organized is key to the success of launching a career during your short, but sweet nap time. To ensure you are making the most of your time, try time blocking your scheduling. Identify your high priority tasks and projects and block out specific hours or times of the day you will work on each task. You should also block time for breaks and exercise during these free hours!

Another way to stay organized is to create lists and stay up -to-date with you calendar. Keep a weekly and daily checklist of your tasks, so you can quickly reference your starting point each time you have a few minutes to sit down and work.

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